Spare Parts

All Betta Marquees are supported with a complete selection of spare parts to suit both the 40mm frames and the 50mm commercial frames.

40mm frames have nylon outer and inner joints. 50mm frames have alloy outer joints and scissors have nylon joints
Please find them listed below;

Scissors – these can be purchased as individual arms or a set which includes the centre bolt, spacer and nut with the two outer nylon covers
Upper Leg – this is the leg that connects to the sliding joint and the top of the frame. Spare part comes fitted with corner joint and velcro.
Lower leg – this is the sliding part of the leg with the holes drilled for height adjustment. Holes set every 75mm apart – 4 heights
Foot – this is the steel foot that screws in to the lower leg post.
Upper corner joint – this is the fix corner piece that the canopy corners sit on
Sliding corner joint – this is the sliding joint that moves up and down the upper leg when the marquee is open and closed
Leg centre joint – this is the locking joint that holds the adjuster pin in place. It is fitted to the base of the upper leg
Pull pins – these are single pin operation and have a 30mm key ring clip
Masthead cap – this cap is held in place with one screw and holds the main roof ridge in place when open
Mast head pole (upper) – this centre pole has the masthead cap screwed to it. It moves up and down when folded and creates tension on the canopy centre when open
Mast head pole (lower) – this pole secures the scissors in place at the base of the masthead. It contains a spring that helps keep tension on the canopy when the marquee is open

There are a selection of bolts and screws available to purchase that are used in the scissors and corner joints. These hold each scissor in place at the corners of the joints and in the centre of the scissors

There is a spacer in the middle of each scissor at their centre. The scissors must not be put together without this spacer. If they are they will cut the canopy when the marquee is folded away. For any more details please call us on 1300 627189