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Setting Up


To Download the Guide to Setting up your Annexe or Float please click Download Now

setting Up 


Setting up your Marquee from Betta Marquee

STEP 1-  Open frame as a small unit  
STEP 2-  Place cover over partially opened frame and velcro all corners of cover positions to frame corners  
STEP 3-  With 1 person at each end lift the whole frame and cover of the ground pushing upwards and walking backwards make sure all the legs are of the ground the unit will spread apart and self adjust to proper postion then simply lock in the corners with spring locks  
STEP 4-  Final Velcro all fixing points to cover and frame and set your desired height level with telescopic legs  


STEP 5 -  Secure marquee at four corners at all times due to changes in weather conditions we recommend some ideas below if setting up on hard surfaces always use pegs and ropes on soft surface 



Packing away your marquees from Betta Marquee

STEP 1-  Unfasten Velcro strap underneath the roof
STEP 2-  With one person at each end lower all upright poles to their lowest setting. Continuing to work on opposite sides remove all upper corner pins to release.
STEP 3-  With one person at each end hold the highest point of the scissor bars and push upwards at the same time.
STEP 4-  Ensuring all legs are off the ground walk towards the centre and the marquee will close naturally.


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